Tarrago Brands International

?Tarrago culture?

At Tarrago Brands International we believe in people, in the ability of our team to take care of our customers, helping them to feel special and proud of the way they care for their accessories; the opportunity that our formulas offer us the opportunity to approach them by solving their needs, with high quality products and offering the best service.
The world evolves more quickly today; the new technologies, the fourth industrial revolution already present in all industries … in Tarrago we are aware of this and we are passionate about innovation! Therefore, with almost 80 years of experience behind us, in Tarrago we bet on continuous improvement, developing products, building innovative rules and methods that adapt to the new needs of our customers, in any market in the world.

Continuous Improvement

Quality We believe that one of the keys is in the ability we have to improve our processes, ways of doing, product quality … We always want to do better tomorrow than we have done today.


With more than 75 years of experience, we have the confidence of our clients. We have a wide range of high-quality products that allow us to continue improving and innovating.

People Care

People come first, so we focus our efforts so that we are all happy and proud of what we do and receive. Because we not only take care of our clients, but our entire work chain.


We are disruptors, our customers have to obtain from Tarrago Brands the most modern, the most avant-garde. We want to move and always be one step ahead.


We are authentic and transparent, our reason for being are our customers and their satisfaction.


Our customers deserve the best possible quality, both in the products we offer them, and in the service we provide them.

?Our team?

We are young people, positive and proactive, prepared and trained. Our team is always willing to provide the best we have to serve our customers with enthusiasm, have a pleasant work environment and achieve the level of excellence that we have proposed among all.

?Our history?

Founded in 1940, Tarrago Brands International was born in the cradle of the Spanish textile industry, under the name of “Tarrago Products”.

Tarrago Brands comes with the vision of offering the best dyes for fabrics, both for industrial and domestic use.

Rapidly, Tarrago Brands becomes the reference in dyes for the textile market.

In the 60s, in a context of crisis for the textile industry, Tarrago Brands demonstrated once again its capacity to adapt to the new needs of the market and prioritizing innovation, developed the first water-based dye for the leather market.

This technological revolution applauded by the sector, allowed to change the color of the leather even from black to white with an unbeatable result and resistance.

Since then, Tarrago Brands has not stopped innovating and developing new formulations, to continue adapting products to the new needs of customers.

The tanning of the leathers has evolved making them more resistant, the textile garments are of manufacturing techniques (microfibers, membranes, …).

Tarrago Brands, has been developing without rest all kinds of dyes, creams and polishes for decades; liquid solutions, in paste or by vaporization, to solve the repair, dyeing, nutrition, shine and protection in both leather and textile.

The products evolve in Tarrago Brands at the pace that technological progress is imposed. As of today, we have many products spread over 4 ranges.

?Our ranges?





?A step to the future?

In 2008, during the economic crisis, and after a very unfortunate management, Tarrago Brands International was forced to close.?Fortunately, the French Group Alma, frc and businessman Sergio Barangé, bought Tarrago Brands and quickly refloated it, taking it to today in more than 70 countries, with unrivaled quality of management, production and service.

The purchase of Tarrago Brands was a strategic advantage for the family group ALMA f.r.c, which already had the French factory AVEL, which produces the Saphir brand.Tarrago Brands has managed to locate itself in the main markets of the world, thus obtaining a greater commitment from the distribution partners of Grupo Alma, f.r.c.

?To infinity and beyond?

Tarrago Brands International has an R&D department located in its headquarters in Manresa (Barcelona – Spain), where it constantly works on the development of new formulas and improvement of existing ones.

The innovation effort is based on the premise of achieving formulations of high quality and maximum efficiency, adapted to the demand of customers and to the most stringent and diverse regulations of the chemical industry in all the countries where it is marketed.